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Ashiatsu means Ashi "foot" atsu "foot pressure" massage technique that requires the therapist to use their feet instead of their hands to perform the massage. The therapist will use bars, stools or benches to balance themselves above the client. Then the therapist will use their feet to give strokes across the client’s body. Creams will be applied to the body prior to the Ashiatsu massage technique to further release the tension in muscles and to provide a more satisfying experience.

Some contraindication:

Not everyone should try Ashiatsu massage due to the added weight and pressure that is applied to the body with this deep tissue foot technique. Women who are pregnant or trying to conceive should avoid this treatment. In addition, people with high blood pressure, advanced diabetes, a compromised immune system, acute kidney and liver conditions, are using certain medications, or had surgical implant surgery recently should also be aware of the dangers of Ashiatsu massage. If you have these conditions, speak with a therapist before obtaining treatment.